New book of short stories of Paris published

In addition to my songwriting, over the years I've written a lot of prose fiction. Some of my stories have been published in British periodicals. I've recently put together a brief anthology of my short stories set in Paris, in…Read more

First sell-out run achieved

December 2013. It took eighteen months, but I've achieved my first SOLD OUT run: of all 1,000 copies of my 2012 CD At The Losers' Motel.  Most units were sold hand to hand at gigs, in company with copies…Read more

Introducing The Nightwatchers

I've begun an exciting new project with my good friend, virtuoso pianist Bartosz Hadala. We're forming a piano/guitar duo with the aim of touring Europe in 2014. We're calling ourselves The Nightwatchers. This week we recorded six demos towards the…Read more