Rupert Wates' songs have been recorded by many other performers. In some cases, the artists have chosen to record, on their own initiative and at their own expense, entire CDs comprised exclusively of material taken from Rupert Wates' back catalog.  These CDs might fairly be described as tribute albums to the songwriting of Rupert Wates.  Artists who have covered his material in 2015-2017 include:

  • Roxie Rogers (Nashville TN) Album Title: Crazy Puzzle  Album recorded at: Prime Cut Studios, Nashville Release date: August 2015 Featured songs by Rupert Wates: A New Morning; Above The Clouds; Crazy Puzzle; Heal Me; Prisoner Of The Open Road; Blue Afternoons; Jazzbirds; What Good Is Spring; Long Time Coming; After The Rains; When Love Came To Stay Artist
  • Vivian Gail (Colorado Springs CO) Album Title (1): Mellow  Label: Treblemaker Productions LLC Release date: November 2016 Featured songs by Rupert Wates: Lullaby; Time; Genevieve Artist website: Album title (2): Vivi Sings Wates (Digital download only) Featured songs by Rupert Wates: I'm Amazed; Ballad Of A Brown Eyed Girl; Waiting For A Friend Of Mine; Don't Leave Me Now; The Lights Of Paris; After The Rains; The Carnival Waltz; In Time Of Breaking; Farewell And Adieu Available at
  • Susan Kohler (Santa Monica CA) Album title (1): Wide Open Heart Release date July 2017 Featured songs by Rupert Wates: Ghost Dance; Waiting; Days Of Mercy; Morningbird; Prayer; If Ever My Love; Traveling Circus; Fear Of Flying; Further Down The Road  Album title (2): Songs For A Season Release date TBA Featured songs by Rupert Wates: The Time Will Come Artist website
  • Matt Wates Sextet (London UK) Album title Ghost Dance Release date 2005 Featured songs by Rupert Wates: Ghost Dance Album title TBC Release date TBA Featured songs by Rupert Wates: What Good Is Spring? (Instrumental) Artist website:
  • John Loretz (Boston MA): Album title: Undercovers Release date March 2021 Featured songs by Rupert Wates: After The Rains
  • Anne Sandstrom (Boston MA): Album title The Winter Year Release date February 2022 Featured song by Rupert Wates: Ballad Of A Brown Eyed Girl
  • Kray Van Kirk (Arcata CA): Album Title Live At The Acorn Release date 2023 Featured song by Rupert Wates: Days Of Mercy

Other performers who have covered Rupert Wates' songs include Liz Fletcher (, John Barr (, and Long Island-based performer Lesley Kane.